Can You Use Cannabidiol To Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

CBD For Alcoholism
CBD For Alcoholism
CBD For Alcoholism
CBD For Alcoholism

As per the estimates of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, about 17.6 million US citizens suffer from alcohol abuse. Of course, the numbers are scary, but what is scarier are the health risks that can arise due to trying to control the addiction. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that more than 80,000 deaths occur every year due to the complications resulting from alcohol withdrawal. CDC suggests that many others are left dealing with the side effects of alcohol withdrawal like hallucinations, nausea, seizures, anxiety, etc.

Owing to the wide acceptance and benefits of CBD products, many are now wondering if CBD can be used to treat alcoholism. Some of the recent studies show that cannabidiol plays a crucial role in treating alcohol addiction. CBD oil is a form of CBD and is an effective way to consume cannabis without any high. CBD oil can offer all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without any intoxication.

Alcoholism And Withdrawal

Alcohol abuse is a term used to refer to a pattern of drinking in which the personal life of the individual is affected negatively. The negative impact may be in the form of work habits, relationships, or family life. On the other hand, alcoholism is a full-blown manifestation of alcohol abuse. It is a chronic disease and is characterized by symptoms like:

  • Preoccupation with alcohol
  • Inability to control the levels of drinking
  • Distortion in the cognitive processes regarding consumption
  • Continued alcohol abuse in spite of the adverse effects

After the physiological effects of full-blown alcoholism manifest in a person, quitting it can lead to some emotional and biological side effects. The symptoms of withdrawal can be wide-ranging and can vary from person to person. The common symptoms can be restlessness, nervousness, irritability, and nausea. In the advanced stages of alcohol withdrawal, tremors, disorientation, increased heart rate, and hallucinations can be experienced by the person.

CBD For Alcoholism

One of the most difficult parts of giving up alcoholism is the fact that without the presence of adequate endocannabinoids, the body of the person will lack its natural mechanism to cope with daily anxiety and stress. This is where the effects of CBD can help the person. CBD can replenish the supply of endocannabinoids to the users which may be depleted due to long-term alcohol reliance, thereby helping the person cope up with the withdrawal symptoms.

The findings from animal studies claim that CBD can be a potential pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder. The tolerability of CBD, coupled with zero chances of abuse, increases the prospect of using CBD as a treatment for alcohol abuse.