Understanding CBD Dosing

CBD Dosing
CBD Dosing
CBD Dosing
CBD Dosing

For anyone who wants to begin reaping the benefits of cannabinoids, they first need to understand dosing. It has become relatively easy to dose and takes in the medical benefits from CBD. From how CBD is manufactured to how these are packaged, the choices are endless. There is something for those who would want the benefits of CBD, in a non-smoking and non-intoxicating manner.

In the past few years, science has been able to breakdown the contents of the potent CBD oils that allow for smokeless delivery of CBD and has thus completely changed the herbal and therapeutic landscape as we know it. The question is not about whether you are able to enjoy the medicinal value of cannabis, but more so, how to optimize the therapeutic use of this oil to best suit your lifestyle.

CBD Dosing

Optimizing CBD usage can be a challenge for both patients as well as doctors. Most doctors have never studied CBD in medicine, owing to the fact that the CBD revolution is a 21st-century phenomenon, doctors are left with very little idea regarding the qualifying nature to prescribe CBD. They have no proper guidelines to help them refer to a mode of administration, the CBD: THC ratio, and the potential side effects over overdosing.

Some doctors feel that a particular dose of CBD is perfect only for an individual of a particular chemical make. There have been cases where adults have achieved therapeutic benefits after consuming 1mg of CBD a day. Additionally, there are others who are able to consume up to 200mg of CBD a day without any adverse effects. So what do we do to grasp this situation at hand?

The Art of Microdosing

One of the common misconceptions people help themselves to is that when trying out CBD therapy they need to get high to feel relief from the symptoms. Once you consume enough CBD to get you high, you would truly enjoy the benefits. However, the truth is far from this as it is understood that ultra-low doses can be extremely effective as well. A clinical study that involved oral administration of CBD (1mg/day) resulted in an inhibition of disease progression in an animal model of heart atherosclerosis (hardening and stiffening of the arteries). As per a 2005 report by Nature, they have noted that the effective dose of CBD is lower than the dose is associated with the drowsy effects of CBD.

This brings us to the art of Microdosing. Before you attempt to jump headfirst into CBD and the word of cannabinoids, it is advised to start small. The reason is that the CBD concentration in the body has to be gradually dialed up. As time passes, the CBD reservoir in the cell and tissue of the body fills up and the effects are more pronounced. When you intake a much higher amount of CBD, it ends up passing right by your system or ends up metabolizing due to the action of the liver. In essence, the amount of CBD ingested ratio is skewed when you deal with higher doses.

Start with a dose in the 20-30mg range and keep at it – the lower, the better! As time passes, increase this dosage by 1-2mg at a time. You will find your body getting accustomed to the otherwise low CBD dosing, and the effectiveness will be higher.

How To Manage Psychoactivity?

If you are someone who is trying their hands on full-spectrum CBD which comprises CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, then you have the additional trouble of psychoactivity to address. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance that is responsible for causing delusions, euphoria, and intoxication – symptoms that are associated with smoking or ingesting marijuana. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind the ‘high’, then go right ahead. Nonetheless, if you are someone who has a job to hold, then you must be warier.

CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause a high. CBD can sometimes reduce the THC high, depending on how much THC and CBD are in question. The greater the CBD: THC ratio, the more the high. Based on this there are three types of resins or extracts.

  • Type 1 (THC dominant): More of THC and low on CBD. People generally take this just to get high.
  • Type 2 (CBD and THC): A roughly equal mix of CBD and THC. It is intoxication but not as much as the THC dominant variant.
  • Type 3 (CBD dominant): This has a lot more CBD than THC. It is non-euphoric and focuses on therapeutic effects more. You won’t feel high.

You must choose a variant depending on your requirement. If you want a balance then go for a type 2. If you want the holistic effect then go for type 3 or else type 1 to get sloshed. As mentioned earlier, start with small doses and build your way up, you will have better results to show.