Mistakes To Avoid While Making CBD Gummies

Making CBD Gummies
Making CBD Gummies
Making CBD Gummies
Making CBD Gummies

CBD gummies guarantee one of the most convenient intake methods of CBD. You get a huge selection of flavors in the gummy category that delivers the goodness of CBD to the users in the easiest of ways.

In this article, we cover the mistakes to avoid while making CBD gummies.

Trading Flavor For Potency

Potency is a critical aspect of CBD products but when making a gummy, do not trade flavor for potency. You shouldn’t do that as people are going for CBD gummies because they are seeking a flavorful CBD option. If they didn’t bother much about flavor and were all behind potency, they would have gone for some other CBD products like CBD oil, well known for high potency but has a flavor that is not very enjoyable.

If the users are displeased with the flavor of the CBD gummies you make, they are likely to go for some other brand. It would be great if you could make gummies with excellent flavor, all the while adequately maintaining the potency.

Forgetting The Importance Of Consistent Potency

If a customer has bought your CBD gummy the second time, they would be expecting the same CBD experience they got the last time. If you fail to maintain consistent potency across all gummy batches, the customers will lack trust in your product.

Overlooking The Importance Of The Right Tools

You require advanced tools like a water activity meter and refractometer to make gummies of good quality. A refractometer is used for measuring the sugar content of the gummy.

The right sugar content will yield a water activity between 0.55 and 0.67. If the water activity is higher than required, there will be an increased likelihood for mold growth.

Improper Curing

Gummy formulas are different from one another. Gels will take between 24-48 hours to set. The setting time depends on various factors like temperature, the formula used, the relative humidity of the curing room, and more. If you alter the conditions too much, the final product will be of poor quality. Hence it is important to understand the curing requirements of your gummy formula before you begin making them.

If it is your first time making CBD gummies, know that the mistakes are quite common, and avoiding them is important if you want to succeed at your task. These aren’t the only mistakes you might make in the process of gummy-making. Do adequate research on gummy making before you get started.