Side-effects of CBD Oil

Effects Of CBD
Effects Of CBD
Canabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD has been gaining wide popularity because of its therapeutic and medical benefits. This is because it enhances the performance of the endocannabinoid system of our body. It is extracted from the cannabinoid-rich flowers of the hemp plant. People who are looking into alternative medicines for different kinds of physical and mental health disorders are considering CBD supplements for their therapeutic quality and as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Like any other herbal extracts, CBD oil has side effects. Read on to know more about the side effects of consuming CBD oil

Dryness of Mouth

This is because smoking or ingesting CBD Oil causes the endocannabinoid system which has receptors on the tongue restricts saliva secretion. This can be overcome by drinking water.


Usually consuming cannabidiol CBD makes you awake and gives clarity of thought. But, in some people, it causes the opposite and induces drowsiness. In such a case it is better to consume a lower dose of CBD product.


Because CBD affects the blood flow in the brain, consuming CBD oil can cause temporary lightheadedness. This can be overcome by drinking a caffeinated drink like coffee and assist the body in regaining its balance.

Low Blood pressure

CBD’s medical benefit is it enhances the endocannabinoid system and hence promotes good cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure in people with diabetes and heart conditions. For people with normal blood pressure, this may cause a drop in blood pressure. Also, people who are planning to take CBD oil as a supplement along with their medicine for heart conditions must be aware of this.

Diarrhea, change in Weight and Appetite

It was found that those who were taking CBD oil for epilepsy and other psychotic disorders experienced side effects like diarrhea, tiredness, and change in weight and appetite. This might be due to CBD’s effect on serotonin which regulates homeostasis, mood, bowel movements, and sleep.

Effect on those with mobility disorders

Another not-so-common side effect is the psychomotor slow down or slowness in thought process and movement.

Interaction with other Drugs

It is a fact that CBD neutralizes the enzyme cytochrome P450 that metabolizes pharmaceutical drugs in the liver. This enzyme is also required to metabolize CBD. This causes a toxic build-up in the liver and body leading to a very serious condition. Any drug that requires livers CYP450 could potentially interact with CBD.

Other Side Effects

The other side effects include Liver problems, irritability, lethargy, reduced appetite, gastrointestinal problems, infections, rashes, reduced urination, breathing trouble, and mood swings.


It must be noted that the list is not complete and further research into CBD will reveal more about CBD. It is recommended to consult your physician before taking CBD oil as a supplement.