Tips On Buying The Best Cannabidiol Oil Without THC


The hemp-derived compound namely cannabidiol is broadly classified into three forms: Isolate, Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum. The third form is a low THC CBD product, but the other two types lack tetrahydrocannabinol content. You might wish to avoid ingesting THC for numerous reasons, including a future employment-related test for THC. Whatever those reasons may be, here is how you can purchase the best CBD product with no trace of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Check The Third-Party Test Report Accompanying The Product

Every good quality CBD product comes with a neutral laboratory’s test report, formally known as a certificate of analysis. This document outlines what the product contains. That means, one look at this certificate and you can tell whether or not the product contains tetrahydrocannabinol.

Go Through User Reviews Online

The COAs may not accompany certain cannabidiol products. In this case, you may have to rely on alternative sources to determine the presence of THC in the product. Online CBD user reviews can be a helpful resource in that case. If any of the CBD products has resulted in a failed drug test result for them, a reviewer or two might reveal the same in their opinion piece.

Look At Third-Party Review Websites

Some websites publish third-party lab test results on a particular number of branded CBD products to simplify the purchase for people. You may look at a website such as Real Tested CBD to be extra sure that the product you are looking for does not contain any THC. The best part is that the said website does not charge you for checking the information thereof.

Real Tested CBD works with a neutral laboratory to test some of the best-known CBD items available in the market. Beyond just knowing whether any of those items carry THC, you can use the online platform to get an overall idea about hemp derivatives. In this way, you can be assured of making better and more informed purchase decisions.

Have It Tested If You Must

If the accompanying COA, plus the user reviews do not help confirm the presence of cannabidiol in it, you may approach an independent laboratory to test your CBD item. The only downside of the move being, it requires purchasing a CBD product just for the test, and spending on this process. Anyhow, if you feel that it can help confirm the authenticity of the product, it may be worthwhile to do so.