How To Identify High Quality CBD Oil

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Quality Of CBD Oil
Quality Of CBD Oil

The impressive possibilities and growth potential of the CBD industry encourage many to consider entry into the CBD manufacturing sector. As the CBD market is largely unregulated, ensuring the quality of the CBD oil you purchase has supreme importance. Here is a list of ways that help you identify the quality of CBD oil.

Ensure The Quality Of The Manufacturing Process Of CBD

The manufacturing process of CBD oil is not much regulated indicating that different companies use different methods of manufacturing that differ in terms of quality. Cheaper manufacturing methods use toxic solvents like hexane, butane, and pentane which are harmful to health.

Extraction methods using ethanol and supercritical CO2 can produce high-quality CBD oils. The ethanol extraction method uses high-grain alcohol as the solvent and yields a high amount of cannabinoids. In the CO2 mode of extraction, CO2 is converted to a supercritical state when subjected to a cold environment under high pressure.

Be Sure Of The Quality Of The Hemp Source

The hemp plant is a hyperaccumulator that easily absorbs the toxins present in the ground where it is cultivated. The nature of the soil where the hemp is grown determines the quality of the CBD oil and if hemp is grown in soils with a high concentration of heavy metals and pesticides, the safety of the CBD oil is in doubt.

When you purchase CBD oil, check the product label to find out the hemp source. Hemp farming in the US requires the approval and certification of the state agricultural departments indicating that US grown hemp has good quality.

Check The THC Content In The CBD Oil

THC is an active cannabinoid present in hemp plants as well as other plants of the cannabis family and due to its intoxicating properties THC can give you a high. CBD products have to keep the level of THC strictly below 0.3% and unless they do so, they will not enjoy a legal status in the US.

When you buy CBD oil, check the product label for THC content to make sure that it is below 0.3%. If the label does not have that information, avoid buying the oil.

Check The Third-Party Lab Results

Third-party lab tests are done to ensure the quality of the CBD oil and all the established CBD companies make sure that their products are certified by third-party labs. Companies usually include the results of third-party lab tests on the product label or give information on their website. Check the lab results before you go ahead with buying CBD oil and if the information is not available better not choose the oil.

There is no guarantee for CBD benefits and the quality of CBD experience unless you are not sure of the quality of the CBD products. When you have decided to start using CBD oils, make sure that you consider the above-discussed tips so that you make the right CBD choice.